You will feel beautiful. You will see happiness in your images and the loving sparkle in your eyes. You will receive images that are romantic, emotional, natural and timeless. You will be asked about your vision for the day. There will be surprises. You will have a photographer that is genuinely interested in you, your love and your family. Your images will tell your story as if it was a fairy tale with a happy ending, even if your story has only just begun.

I am a wedding photographer that captures moments of love and happiness for couples that want to fall even more in love with each other and have a big smile brought to their face during their session. My images are romantic and emotional, and I love to incorporate the stunning Scandinavian nature in them. I am based in Göteborg on the Swedish west coast but will travel all over Sweden and the world.

Each year I book a limited amount of weddings so that each couple should be able to receive beautiful wedding images but also an experience to remember the rest of your lives. To me, it is very important to create personal images that reflect who you are, and you can be sure that your photo session will be one of the most fun parts of the wedding day. Prior to the wedding, we will meet up for a “fika” to get to know each other a bit better and to thoroughly plan the photography and resolve all your questions, big or small, so that you feel completely prepared and confident for the big day.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg fotar ett leende brudpar vid ett bröllop i Botaniska Trädgårdens växthus
Bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg fotar ett brudpar vid ett stadsbröllop under sommaren med motljus
Känslosamma porträtt tagna av en fotograf vid ett bröllop i sommarregn i Göteborg
Gående par som tittar kärleksfullt på varandra vid en bröllopsfotografering i Kungsbacka utanför Göteborg


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About Stina

Born and raised near Göteborg with a camera in hand for as long as I can remember. As the hopeless romantic I am, I guess it was never a surprise that I fell in love with photographing weddings. And it has been amazing to have been a part of so many days filled with love through the years. As a wedding photographer, every session is special, and I put both my heart and soul along with a pinch of perfectionism to deliver the best possible experience to my couples.

As a person I am happy and positive, to laugh until my cheeks hurt is the best thing there is. I don’t drink coffee and I don’t watch that much TV, but I love to ride my horse through the Swedish forests and cozy evenings at home with my live-in boyfriend and our two cats.

Bröllopsfotograf Göteborg Stina Markan

If you want to know more about me or what I do then you are more then welcome to send me a message through the contact form on this page or via Instagram or Facebook.